In the Pines

I’m a couple of days behind on this one, but I’ve had a lot on at uni and work. Last Sunday I went to the RTRfm (local radio station) ‘In the Pines’ event at the University of Western Australia. This featured over 20 Perth bands performing alternatively in 30 minute lots on two separate stages.



I arrived early with a friend and set up a picnic blanket for lunch. The area where the audience sits or stands is surrounded by pine trees, hence ‘In the Pines’. After lunch, I laid back with my head on a cushion, staring up at the clouds floating tranquilly over tree tops as the music pounded through the earth and reverberated through my body. I also napped for about 20 minutes, because Im getting old and the sun was deliciously warm!



Once night fell, we packed the blankets away and took to standing closer to the stage.


My favourite bands, in order of preference: The Love Junkies, Doctopus, and April Rain. A big favourite with the crowd was Jebediah. I’m going to be heading out to see more of The Love Junkie’s gigs around Perth real soon. Wow!



The whole event was recorded live and you can listen to it here, if you feel so inclined. This was my first time In the Pines and I will go again. Lots of fun! And a slight bit of carefree stupidity on my part 🙂

What happens in the pines, stays in the pines!

On the way home, RTRfm played an awesome rap song called White Sugar. Turns out it was by none other than Mathas, who hangs out at the Moon café. I’ve heard him recite his rap poetry, and its good, but putting music to it makes it even better.

An excellent weekend all round.

Till next time, thanks for reading.

Wendy Beach