My First Feature Poet Performance & The 2017 Vic Park SLAM!


My Feature Spot at the Perth Poetry Club

Happy Easter to everyone. What a busy day and night it has been. I did my first performance as a feature poet at the Perth Poetry Club. Of course, I was nervous. But about half way through something within me clicked. I think it was the first time I felt the poetry rising (almost spiritually) from within me—not as something I was performing, but something I was being, or that it was a physical presence and I was merely a vessel for it. I am very honoured that the Perth Poetry Club’s ‘Overlords’ gave me the opportunity to have ten minutes at the mic, to be in that moment, and share my poems.

Wendy Beach. Images: Vin Heffernan (for Perth Poetry Club)

Thank you also to everyone who showed up and encouraged me to get up and share my poems. Touchingly, my mother made an almost three-hour round bus trip to come and see me perform, and that was very special to me. Also, my daughter, Mona, and her boyfriend, Jarrad, were also there. Thanks to Geoff Spencer who gave me a blue moon rose (my favourite) the moment I walked in the door of the Moon Cafe! Then there were also people that made the effort to come to the moon to watch me perform, even though they were going through considerable pains. Bill Jennings who had a back and leg injury and asked them to move my performance forward to an earlier timeslot so that he could hear it and leave. Unfortunately, he was in considerable agony and had to go before I went on, but not without coming to tell me he really had tried, and I must say, he made me feel very special indeed 🙂



I do have to add that I really appreciate Elio (one of the Overlords) encouraging me to get on stage late last year. I have gone from trembling, stuttering jellyfish-woman to being much more confident. Yes, there is still a fair way to go. But I am pretty sure Perth Poetry will have my back. Thank you very much.

After the poetry club event was over, Tam and I headed to Victoria Park. We bumped into Brillo and Arran there and had dinner at a Malaysian restaurant.


Brillo, Tam and Arran at the end of a fantastic Malaysian Meal

The 2017 Vic Park SLAM

Then we went down The Dutch Trading Co. where the Vic Park Slam was being held. This was a great venue. WAPI hired a function room down the back for the event. It had an excellent atmosphere and a huge selection of beers. The service was very good also.

The Dutch Trading Co.

The Slam’s turnout was brilliant. We had a full house of over fifty people. There were fifteen SLAM poets registered for the competition. Our MC was Jakob Boyd, and he did a first-rate job hosting the show from the mic. He was skilled and entertaining. We could not have hoped for anyone better.

MC, Jakob Boyd

Guests and competitors at the Vic Park SLAM

Judges were picked from the audience through a raffle system, giving scores to the competitors. Many of the entrants were new to the stage, and I must say, I think everyone was impressed by the high standards of Slam poetry being performed.

In the end, the third place went to Scott-Patrick Mitchell, second place to Maddie Godfrey, and the winner of the 2017 Victoria Park SLAM was Kai Schweizer.


Congratulations to Kai, Scott, Maddie (left to right)

This was the first event I had played a part in planning. It was definitely an eye opener. WAPI first decided to approach the Town of Vic Park for funding to be involved in their annual Arts Festival late last year. Four of us came up with four different poetry event ideas. After gaining committee approval, we put forward these ideas to the town. One, the Vic Park SLAM, received the funding and approval.

In the end, the SLAM was a complete success and that just shows the quality of work WAPI members are doing around Perth. High standards of events is something they strive for at all times, and under all circumstances. Well done to WAPI committee member, Zan for her impressive effort in pulling this event together!!

A big thank you, again, to the Town of Vic Park for supporting WAPI in this event. We really do hope to be a continued feature of the Victoria Park Arts Festival for many years to come.


2 thoughts on “My First Feature Poet Performance & The 2017 Vic Park SLAM!

  1.  Brilliant Post Wendy!! And huge congratulations on your first slam. Overcoming public speaking is huge massive! I can’t wait to conquer it lol

    Welldone again Jo x

  2. Aloha Wendy,
    Congratulations … good job!! I’m glad you are no longer a “trembling, stuttering jellyfish-woman” (I have a hard time picturing that anyway). And speaking of pictures, the reading glasses look good on you girl.
    A Hui Hou,

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