A lot can happen in a poet’s week!


Going Battye Over 60s Poets!


The past week have seen me going Battye! (at the J.S. Battye Library of West Australian) I have been doing research on poetry in Perth in the 1960s for a university project. If you read my blog, thank you, then you would know that I also put a request for poets who were in Perth in the 1960s to get in touch with me. I am pleased to say that almost 20 poets did respond! The entire experience, to date, has been very exciting and I am thoroughly enjoying conversing with them about the changes in poetry and poetic processes over the past 50 years. Thanks as well to the many people who emailed with an interest and wanted to help guide me in various research directions. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful advice and anecdotes. It is my honour and pleasure.


Red Man

My son is studying filmmaking over east. This is his latest film. It is quite funny! It is nice to see him on the other side of the camera for a change (he is playing the male lead in this short film).



RTRFM 92.1 Neon Picnic

Though not technically about writing, if you were wondering where many of the Perth Poetry Club poets were this past Saturday April 1, it was here! I too, was also here! Although I did leave early, missing The Triffids music in order to see one of my favourite local poets, Derek Fenton, do his guest feature spot at the Moon Café. (I will come back to that).

RTRfm went live from Hyde Park all day. They called the event the ‘Neon Picnic’ to commemorate a series of RTRFM festivals of that name held in the late 80s and early 90s.


The “‘Neon Picnic’ also features the best in local music from bands on the radio now, and those that always have been. Expect classics and new favourites performed acoustically and enthusiastically.” And they picked the perfect spot for the event. Weather was great and the lakes were reasonably full.

I had a lot of fun. I also hung out with fellow poet Steve Fulcher and we did a few laps of the park together. Steve, a tree-lopper, knowing almost everything about trees, pointed out all the different species along the way, their age (some several hundred years old) and even read out all the historical and ecological plaques to me (because I need glasses, as Maggie Van Putten has told me, a few times!).


Hyde Park has changed since I was a child. The playground had a lot of large steel framed climbing frames. I was telling Steve about it… when he pointed out that “Yeah, the trees were probably saplings back then too!” After I caught him…he bought me an ice-cream to make up for that comment! I almost forgive him.



Derek Fenton at The Moon Cafe

Not long after, I headed over to the Moon Café to watch Derek Fenton’s performance. Derek writes formal poetry, which I enjoy the challenge of learning. Fortunately, Derek also gave the entire audience an introductory lesson in poems with form, explaining sestinas and other types as he read.

Here is a bit of his bio from the Perth Poetry Club website:

“Derek Fenton was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, in 1946. He now lives back in Australia where he teaches Mathematics and English as a Second Language. His poetry is informed by the experience of being a migrant and the difficulties of adjustment to a new country and alienation from the old.”

You can read some of his marvellous poetry here: http://fieryfenton.blogspot.com.au/

At Mettam’s Pool

I was about to wrap this blog up, but I had to add that today I went snorkelling for the first time with fellow poet and poetry enthusiast, Geoff Spencer. Who knew the ocean had fishes! (just kidding-but really, we weren’t far from the shore). It was an amazing experience. I had been worried I would get bitten by a shark, until I got in the freezing water at 6am, then I realized I wouldn’t feel it anyway—I’d just be wondering why I was swimming around in circles and why the water had turned red 😛

Here is where went:


Followed by Geoff’s zen garden 🙂



Thanks for reading!


Wendy Beach



One thought on “A lot can happen in a poet’s week!

  1. Aloha Wendy,

    Ah … the Poet’s Life!!

    Making new friends (20 at a time), announcing family successes, frolicking in the park with young guys, attending readings, and snorkeling in the ocean. It all puts a smile on my face.

    Maybe I should try to be a poet … all I did this week was write my current hero girl through a difficult dinner and critique the first chapters of a first novel. Not near the fun you had.

    But you deserved the fun girl … I enjoyed reading about it.

    And thank you. “My son is studying filmmaking over east”, I love that expression “over east”. I like learning expressions used in distant places. Of course I live in Hawaii, so everywhere is a distant place.

    A Hui Hou,

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