‘Poetry And Other Things’ at Henry on Eighth

Last night I headed over to a slam poetry event in Perth’s inner city suburb of Maylands. The area has a wonderful café strip and is close to both the Maylands Train Station and Guildford Road bus stops. Henry on Eighth has fantastic rustic industrial décor throughout. As  a café bar and art space the entire premises was visually interesting and appealing;  from the collection of seating nooks and elevated stage on the ground floor to the full sized Knight in Shining Armour on the second floor where more cosy seating places could be found in the gallery rooms. This is one of the best new poetry venues I have come across.

The place filled up fast, and there were a few familiar faces.

Arran, Tammie, Ray & Maggie

Staff were all very friendly and welcoming, as were other guests. This man stopped in the stairwell to have himself blinded by my new camera’s flash, several times.


Drew, really trying hard to smile as I made him pose again, and again.

There is no smoking on the café strip, but smokers can go down the side of the building and have a cigarette with this woman, and her weird friend (we all have one, hey Tam?)


Giant mural on the side of Henry on Eighth

As Maggie and I secretly plotted about possible future events that could be held at this wonderful venue, the SLAM began. The theme was Mental Health: Suicide. Appropriate trigger warnings and information were given. Steve and Michael read poems by themselves and others, which were touching and poignant. After the break, Arran climbed up the ladder to the stage. Neither Maggie or I thought we could make it up and down without sneakers and the microphone could not be moved to the lower level, so Arran did the righty and read our poems for us (yes, he gets brownie points), along with his own.

Arran Lodge reading Mother’s Day by Maggie Van Putten

For a new event, the slam went down very well with the audience. It began at 6.30pm and ended at 9pm.


Slam poets Steve and Michael (event host)

Michael is planning on doing more regular poetry slams at Henry on Eighth. He is dedicated to Mental Health issues. When I spoke to him about what he would really like others to understand about mental health, he said, “We must change the culture of this topic and make it okay to talk about mental health and suicide.” The next theme will be about Mental Health: Self Medication and Self Harm. You can find out more about the slam from Michael by following the !! Poetry And Other Things !! Facebook page, or by asking the staff at Henry on Eighth.

!! Poetry And Other Things !!  https://www.facebook.com/events/1891335304434414

Henry on Eighth’s  Facebook. They also have some very interesting Art nights. https://www.facebook.com/henryon8th/events/

And while your there, why not try one of their great toasties or have an awesome iced chia.


Of course they have alcoholic drinks too!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

A couple more poems read by Arran Lodge:


DISCLAIMER: If you are at risk for suicide, homicide or other harm or injury, please call 000 or seek other help, such as Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14 (Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week).




One thought on “‘Poetry And Other Things’ at Henry on Eighth

  1. Aloha Wendy,
    Great post girl. I love reading about people having a good time. Your “writing” is showing through. And thank you, I now have a new phrase to spice up my conversations … “did the righty”.
    A Hui Hou,

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