Happy Valentine’s Day

Hey Everybody,
I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Arran and I ventured out to an evening poetry event with picnic bag and mat in hand. Along the way, we stopped at Govinda’s Hare Krishna Restaurant in Northbridge. This is a great place to pick up a delicious vegetarian meal for a low cost in a very pretty setting.

Yep, food does come on plates, but I wasn’t too hungry and asked for a takeaway container – then ended up eating dinner there anyway!

Then we caught the bus to Swanbourne beach and strolled by the sea until the sun melted into the sea.

A couple of streets over was Mattie Furphy’s house Amphitheatre, where we attended the fifth ‘Love Poems on Valentines Day’.  There were some familiar WA Poets inc. faces and many other people spread out with their picnics on the grass. Readings of love (and other) poems were done under stars by Shane McCauley, Liana Joy Christensen, Nandi Chinna, Dennis Haskell and Amanda Joy. A mix of old and new poetry was read. The poems were a good choice. Not all were love poems, but there was a wonderful mix of sad, happy, and very humorous poems to keep everyone entertained. Danny Gunzburg provided a serenade of gushingly romantic guitar music and lyrics, which was a good balance to the eclectic poetry.


Not wanting to bother everyone with my camera’s flash, and realised the photos were going to be too dark! So that is the last of them. I laid back, watched the stars and listened to the poetry. What a fun night. I will definitely go again next year 🙂



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