This Week… an update


Image: a Mural from the wall inside Clancy’s restaurant

Fremantle Press Great Big Book Read

As I have said before on this site. I will always tell it as it is. I do not care about the Arts Scene Politics. I will say it if it is the good, the bad, or the ugly. So, here is my review of the Fremantle Press Great Bog Book Read. It was held on a Monday, which should have been warning enough, in Fremantle at Clancy’s Fish Pub. The venue was lovely, but all the tables had been reserved and filled by Fremantle Press staff an hour before the event began, leaving us (non-Fremantle Press invitees) standing, crammed into the room while chip bowls were shared with ‘only the staff’. Although not a major issue as we bought meals and I don’t eat chips, it was plain rude to have people strategically avoid you while passing a bowl of chips around, because you are not a member of their special little club of Artsy-Fartsies.


From the back of the room, slightly out the hallway, most of us could not hear or see anything. I knew several people there and most of them gave up and left as soon as they could hear their friend recite or recite their piece. Quite a pity really.


I networked, as I knew several of the poets published in one of the books, an anthology of poetry, but everyone seemed so frustrated by the lack of tables and seats that the mood wasn’t wonderful. See the flyer above, I quote: “This is your invitation to enjoy a relaxed evening…” Not so. Many, like me, had travelled over an hour to get to the venue and just wanted to relax comfortably, listen to the poems being read and mingle. This certainly did not happen. I left after the poetry reading was done, though I only caught one poem in its entirety. And no, I didn’t buy a book.


Wendy Beach and Arran Lodge

I learned so much from this event. I do not regret going. I am organising events myself at the moment, and if the customer (you know, the people you want to buy your books/ part with their cash) isn’t comfortable and doesn’t feel welcome, you can be damn sure they wont buy anything – or if they do, they still wont bother going to one of your events again. However, I will be going to future events with Fremantle Press. I am hoping that this dreadfully organised fiasco, was some sort of appalling anomaly. In my mind, I simply don’t want to believe that it actually happened! Therefore, one more chance.

Clancy’s, on the other hand, was a great venue for food and service, and the highlight of the whole event. Across the road is a wall of graffiti where skaters like to ride. Here is one of the artworks, before it is covered.



Perth Poetry Club

Open mic is on every Saturday at the Moon Café in Northbridge from 2pm to 4pm. Check their website to see who the featured poets will be.

This week, I arrived late. I became caught up at  Robert Muir, Old and Rare Books, Bookshop buying a 101 year old gem. So, I missed a chance at open mic, but enjoyed listening to others. There was also quite a bit of grumbling about the previous night at the above event.

Afterwards, many of us went to the local hotel for Happy hour. Along the way, we went down a small laneway of murals… this one being quite funny and rather depressing!


Here is the book I bought from Muirs:



Front cover, The Australian and Other Verses, Will H. Ogilvie, 1916


Inside the front cover.
This week, I also bought this this book, slightly younger at 100 years old. The Glugs of Gosh:



Front Cover, The Glugs of Gosh, C.J. Dennis, 1917

Excuse the poor lighting of the pics. Both books are a lovely green colour – but it is time for me to get a new camera! CJ Dennis is a very well known Australian poet. This entire book is one large poem about the ‘Glugs of Gosh’. Here is a little exert, which I found amusing, considering all the attention a certain president is getting at the moment.


“I’ve watched his abdomionous, ominous shape/ Abroad in the land while the nation slept,/ Marked his satanical/ Methods tyrannical;/ Rigorous, vigorous vigil I kept./ Good gracious! Voracious is hardly the name for it!/ Yet we have only our blindness to blame for it.”
Umm, and I also bought ‘Other Men’s Flowers’, an anthology of poetry compiled by A.P. Wavell, 1944… (I was having a good book find week 😉 Don’t you love these little scribbles inside books? This one says, “Jeannie” All the best. Love Donald. 30th August 1944. It is a book of love and other poems… how romantic.


I also went to the movies tonight. Another Perth International Film Festival event at UWA.

Toni Erdmann (German Movie)


I went to see the German movie, Toni Erdmann tonight with Arran. It was a wonderful story about a father-daughter relationship. The father, played by Peter Simonischek is quite the clown, while the daughter, played by Sandra Huller, is the straight person in this comedy duo. When her father’s dog dies, he realises his own mortality and chases his career-oriented daughter to Romania, dressed in various novel disguises, in order to see if she is happy with her high pressure life. This was a much needed happy ending to my week, and proof that Not every day is a Monday!


Valentines Day Event

Valentines Day is cancelled. (Joke). Nope, but the event I was to perform at on the 12th at a yoga spa in the hills has been cancelled due to possible inclement weather. *sniff* Still, I did get quite a few love poems written for it, and may write some more, just in case the opportunity arises again.

Thanks for reading,



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