Love Letters (A Poem)

Graffiti Love Letters A Love Letter For You Lars

It is coming up to Valentine’s Day, and I need to write several love poems for an event I will be attending (more on that later).

The photo above, entitled ‘Love Letters’, has  a totally different context to the ‘Love letters’ referred to in my poem (below), but what a great piece of graffiti art. My poem, Love Letters’ is about the love letters people used to write when snail mail was an acceptable form of communication, and no one minded waiting a month for a reply. Really, we didn’t — it was exciting to stalk the post-man every day for a letter 🙂 and you should have heard us squeal when a letter did arrive!

That bit of ‘old chick’ history imparted to any youth who may have stumbled upon this page, I will add that this poem, a modernised Italian-style Sonnet, is a sad poem about love and loss.

Love Letters

Their love letters, bound by soft pink ribbon,
Are rested on the rosewood dresser, displayed
As a bundle of young promises traded–
Vows to seal their sweet-heart bond. It lives on

In the mystery of the cherished dawn
Gifted through sheer curtains to the place she laid
On pink bedspread, now permanently made
Where he had blinked back tears and said, ‘So long’.

Quiet void, final resting place in May,
There, those blue-ink love letters still matter
When the sun has faded, flat-lined, gone away.

Nightly, he reads loves words until first ray
Words, one by one, each lighting the latter
Her voice returned like the sun with new day.

c. Wendy Beach, 2017.


Thanks for reading. More love poems to come.



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