Sea Widow’s Sonnet (Poem)


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A poem by Wendy Beach.

Sea Widow’s Sonnet

Too far this pale gown of my grief does trail
Too close upon my flesh the stained veil clings
Too high the waves, low the seas that prevail
And bay, and call, like grim-faced, walrus kings.
Too soon this bouquet is a drowning wreath
Too late this gold ring, mooring my sorrows
Strands me, a wreck on an uncrowned reef
Left in the cold for all my tomorrows.
Let those who linger on the distant shore
Waste not their borrowed time in tears of woe
But keep in mind my love forevermore
On a tall ship sailing in dawn’s first glow.
For in death my love shall be as in life
Wed to the teal sea, and not to his wife.

   c. Wendy Beach, 2016.

Sea Widow’s Sonnet was Highly Commended in the 2016 Talus Prize for poetry. It was also displayed as a poster in building 5 at Edith Cowan University and reproduced in the Writing section of the Graduate Show catalogue (thanks to Marcella Polian for organising that). Later, the sonnet was published online in the Creatrix Haiku & Poetry Journal #35. Enjoy.

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