Yum Cha and Animal Husbandry


Tammie Winnett, Arran Lodge, Wendy Beach, Geoff Spencer

Today I headed over to the Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant in Northbridge as part of the Perth Poetry Club’s start of the year get together. It was an enjoyable experience. I was glad to catch up with quite a few friends I haven’t seen since just before Christmas.

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Here is a little slideshow of many of the people there: Chris Arnold, Tammie Winnett, Arran Lodge, Brillo, Splodge, Steve, Coral Carter, Jackson, Peter Jeffery, Danny Gunzburg, Geoff Spencer, Julian Ross, Jason & Vanessa, and several more.

After that Tam, Arran, Steve and I headed over to Matthew Jamieson’s house for an impromptu Animal Husbandry open band rehearsal. Brillo, Matthew, and Steve jammed.


Here is a little captured on video of Animal Husbandry jamming.  To me, it was a type of Screamer Metal reminiscent of the bands like Crawl through Knives and Slipknot mixed with Swedish heavy metal bands Dreamevil and Sabaton.

Too bad Brillo didn’t do a metal scream for us, though I am sure he could 🙂

Here are some examples:

Top 8 Longest Metal Screams on Youtube!

Tammie and I wrote some poetry too. It is all art, after all… I was hooking on to Animal Husbandry’s creative energies as they jammed and finding words to write along.



Wendy Beach (sorry it’s blurry)

What were those poetic words spawned from the in seminal fluid of Animal Husbandry?

Leave now if you are timid 😉

And thanks for reading…

Okay, they were a bit nonsensical, but at least my creativity was flowing with the lounge thrash 🙂

Shipwrecked minds
Smashing hulls against angry metal sea mines
Sailors screaming in the night
Twisted  inside
Bent bodies, bloodied.
Break the sacred soul
Rage the scarred sea
Till everything inside
Is outside, live is dead.

Men come and go on their crashing
War waves
One day they love
One day they don’t
And your eyes stare upwards
through the moon
never seeing her
just like those dead seamen of war.

And, I am calm.

Because only calm waters reflect the dead men
at sea onto the mirrored surface of the moon.

Wendy Beach c.2017




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