Love Letters (A Poem)

Graffiti Love Letters A Love Letter For You Lars

It is coming up to Valentine’s Day, and I need to write several love poems for an event I will be attending (more on that later).

The photo above, entitled ‘Love Letters’, has  a totally different context to the ‘Love letters’ referred to in my poem (below), but what a great piece of graffiti art. My poem, Love Letters’ is about the love letters people used to write when snail mail was an acceptable form of communication, and no one minded waiting a month for a reply. Really, we didn’t — it was exciting to stalk the post-man every day for a letter 🙂 and you should have heard us squeal when a letter did arrive!

That bit of ‘old chick’ history imparted to any youth who may have stumbled upon this page, I will add that this poem, a modernised Italian-style Sonnet, is a sad poem about love and loss.

Love Letters

Their love letters, bound by soft pink ribbon,
Are rested on the rosewood dresser, displayed
As a bundle of young promises traded–
Vows to seal their sweet-heart bond. It lives on

In the mystery of the cherished dawn
Gifted through sheer curtains to the place she laid
On pink bedspread, now permanently made
Where he had blinked back tears and said, ‘So long’.

Quiet void, final resting place in May,
There, those blue-ink love letters still matter
When the sun has faded, flat-lined, gone away.

Nightly, he reads loves words until first ray
Words, one by one, each lighting the latter
Her voice returned like the sun with new day.

c. Wendy Beach, 2017.


Thanks for reading. More love poems to come.



Movies about Poets and a Love Poem


This week I went with a friend to see the Chilean movie, Neruda, under the stars at the University of Western Australia as part of the Perth International Film festival. It was about the communist poet Pablo Neruda, who is better known for his political poems. In this film, he is portrayed as a hedonistic narcissistic, who thinks he controls the actions of all those about him, in particular, the investigator who is following him. The movie is definitely one I will buy on DVD. It has a subtext about the suffering of the poor Chilean people after WWII. Also, the camera work in this movie was fantastic, with a definite reference to Noir movies of that time, perhaps best served to remind us that Neruda, a man who gropes his secretaries breast, spends half his life drunk and in brothels, and who leaves his long-term partners with debts and ideas that they should commit suicide if they can’t handle him leaving them, is very much the hard-hearted, love them and leave them, anti-hero of his time. Go and see the movie, Neruda. Visually and poetically it is brilliant, and the actors are marvellous at pulling off characters who you may love to hate.


Another movie about a poet I watched at the same venue, the previous week, was Paterson. This was a very slow movie with wonderful one-liners and endearing characters. An enchantingly honest portrayal of love and everyday life, which takes a good dig at mass media and its fear-mongering that leads people to always think the worst will happen (the bus will catch on fire, the jilted lover will shoot his ex-girlfriend etc.…).

And, because I am romantic at heart, here is a love poem inspired by the Peacocks at UWA 🙂

A love Poem by Wendy Beach

The Peacock

The night is the spellbound bliss time that births
New stars, sparks of light over moons and earths
And there within the cosmic horizon
Venus shines lustrous on the two rising
Who meet embodied with lucid wishful souls
In woods where lemon-scented wind unrolls
Fitful gum leaves from high tree-tops above
For night is the best time to fall in love.

There, one moment gives pause for wonderment
At soft spoken words of sweet compliment.
It stirs deep from his heart, slips and rushes
With each whispered refrain in stronger gushes
To flow from his flushed lips with pure intent
Til a creature shrieks, and woods fall silent.
There, with trembling flesh, eyes wide in alarm
She leaps closer in fright and grips his arm.

Perhaps to prove chivalry is not dead
He guides her to the glade and points ahead
Where in moonlight she sees a lost peacock
With tail dragged low in a lonely night walk
Beside splayed ferns, as ancient as creation
As old as love formed from narration…
Now, at night these lovers do not part
They embrace the stars, and each other’s heart.



(Wendy Beach with UWA peacock – Photo by Arran Lodge)

Sea Widow’s Sonnet (Poem)


(image from:


A poem by Wendy Beach.

Sea Widow’s Sonnet

Too far this pale gown of my grief does trail
Too close upon my flesh the stained veil clings
Too high the waves, low the seas that prevail
And bay, and call, like grim-faced, walrus kings.
Too soon this bouquet is a drowning wreath
Too late this gold ring, mooring my sorrows
Strands me, a wreck on an uncrowned reef
Left in the cold for all my tomorrows.
Let those who linger on the distant shore
Waste not their borrowed time in tears of woe
But keep in mind my love forevermore
On a tall ship sailing in dawn’s first glow.
For in death my love shall be as in life
Wed to the teal sea, and not to his wife.

   c. Wendy Beach, 2016.

Sea Widow’s Sonnet was Highly Commended in the 2016 Talus Prize for poetry. It was also displayed as a poster in building 5 at Edith Cowan University and reproduced in the Writing section of the Graduate Show catalogue (thanks to Marcella Polian for organising that). Later, the sonnet was published online in the Creatrix Haiku & Poetry Journal #35. Enjoy.

Yum Cha and Animal Husbandry


Tammie Winnett, Arran Lodge, Wendy Beach, Geoff Spencer

Today I headed over to the Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant in Northbridge as part of the Perth Poetry Club’s start of the year get together. It was an enjoyable experience. I was glad to catch up with quite a few friends I haven’t seen since just before Christmas.

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Here is a little slideshow of many of the people there: Chris Arnold, Tammie Winnett, Arran Lodge, Brillo, Splodge, Steve, Coral Carter, Jackson, Peter Jeffery, Danny Gunzburg, Geoff Spencer, Julian Ross, Jason & Vanessa, and several more.

After that Tam, Arran, Steve and I headed over to Matthew Jamieson’s house for an impromptu Animal Husbandry open band rehearsal. Brillo, Matthew, and Steve jammed.


Here is a little captured on video of Animal Husbandry jamming.  To me, it was a type of Screamer Metal reminiscent of the bands like Crawl through Knives and Slipknot mixed with Swedish heavy metal bands Dreamevil and Sabaton.

Too bad Brillo didn’t do a metal scream for us, though I am sure he could 🙂

Here are some examples:

Top 8 Longest Metal Screams on Youtube!

Tammie and I wrote some poetry too. It is all art, after all… I was hooking on to Animal Husbandry’s creative energies as they jammed and finding words to write along.



Wendy Beach (sorry it’s blurry)

What were those poetic words spawned from the in seminal fluid of Animal Husbandry?

Leave now if you are timid 😉

And thanks for reading…

Okay, they were a bit nonsensical, but at least my creativity was flowing with the lounge thrash 🙂

Shipwrecked minds
Smashing hulls against angry metal sea mines
Sailors screaming in the night
Twisted  inside
Bent bodies, bloodied.
Break the sacred soul
Rage the scarred sea
Till everything inside
Is outside, live is dead.

Men come and go on their crashing
War waves
One day they love
One day they don’t
And your eyes stare upwards
through the moon
never seeing her
just like those dead seamen of war.

And, I am calm.

Because only calm waters reflect the dead men
at sea onto the mirrored surface of the moon.

Wendy Beach c.2017