It’s Christmas and it is Haiku, mixed together. A couple of weeks ago Geoff Spencer decided to hold a Chriku competition at the Perth Poetry Club (PPC). He added in a little twist, the Chriku had to also contain something about an apostrophe. Of course, few took him seriously, which may be why I won… or perhaps it is my winning smile 😉


Geoff Spencer, Wendy Beach, Nat Spencer. Plaque reads: Inaugural Winner – December 2016

Geoff made the frame himself from K-mart cardboard and ‘dried cyperus involucratus umbrella sedge’, which was a lovely creative touch. There were 13 PPC entrants, with up to 4 Chriku each. I have to say, he read out quite a few and there were many good ones. I particularly liked Arran Lodge’s (yep, he’s Scottish, they spell Aaron weirdly) Chriku about a cat in the Christmas tree was very good. Here are the four Chriku I entered: (The second one won)

finger run through
ice cream at midnight.

The world is noise
but night brings
silent apostrophes in breath.

Chriku and grammar
Satan’s dream
come true.

Nothing remains
of you, but a silent
eternity box on the mantel.

It was also the last PPC event for 2016. They had a wonderful mega-mic event, and I got on stage and read one of my poems. Then we all went down to Comet Pizza (well many of us) and had pizza and drinks till quite late.

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Merry Christmas everyone, have a safe holiday season and see you all in the new year.

Wendy Beach



Ruth Faulkner Christmas Writing Exhibition


Street art Xmas Graffiti Christmas Tree ~ by Muscovsdite artist



It is the season to be busy! I admit to loving Christmas. The Ruth Falkner Library, in Belmont, is currently exhibiting Christmas themed writing and poetry from the Belmont Writers Group. If you are in the area, please stop in and have a read. Among them are funny poems (Carolyn Sambridge), acrostic poems (Matthew Banner), two wonderful short memoirs about Christmas during and after WWII, and my own ‘Pantoum of The Birth of Jesus Christ’. It was my first attempt at writing an irregular Pantoum. I am very pleased with how it turned out. The exhibition runs until January.


Wendy Beach standing next to her very long Pantoum!


Matthew Banner next to his Acrostic CHRISTMAS poem



“Lay Brothers (Sophie Rathenau’s Vienna Mysteries Book 2)” by David Neilson.


My friend David Neilson has published another historical mystery novel. If you are looking for an inexpensive Kindle gift, Lay Brothers is an excellent choice. Well written and historically accurate, with a strong female sleuth, I thoroughly recommend Lay Brothers!

“Munich, 1772
Sophie Rathenau hopes she’s escaped the Austrian Chancellor, even if the price is grappling with Bavarian drunks. But when barmaid friend Leni asks her to trace a missing priest, it’s the wrath of the Jesuit Order Sophie has to fear, not to mention a posse of turncoat officials and Balkan maniacs.”

Start reading it for free:



With the current lack of government support for literary funding WA Poets Inc – Perth Poetry Festival is investigating alternate sources of funding for the 2017 Perth Poetry Festival.

The group with the most votes will receive $1,000 from Bankwest so please share this link and encourage friends, neighbours and anyone else you can think of to vote for WA Poets Inc.



Thanks again to everyone who has purchased my recently indie-published poetry from Smashwords!!! If you would like to purchase my poetry or download my free short stories, you can do so here.

WA Poets Inc. ~ Vote please!

Time for some shameless begging. I am a committee member for the WA Poet’s Inc.  We have applied for a Bankwest grant to do an exciting new poetry project in the City of Perth. Please vote! Here’s the link, just click on the Vote Now button.

Scroll to WA Poets Inc. and click Vote Now.

There’s an option to share after you vote – please do. We need as many votes as possible.

Sea Widow’s Sonnet Published

My poem, Sea Widow’s Sonnet, has been published online in the latest Creatrix Poetry & Haiku Journal. Yes, I am the submissions manager there. No, that doesn’t make any difference. I do not pick the poems that are selected, and I have had 2 haiku and 3 poems rejected there in the last 6 months. Hence, I am very pleased with this first acceptance.

The latest Creatrix Journal # 35 (Poetry) can be found here.

The latest Creatrix Journal # 35 (Haiku) can be found here.

Hope you enjoy the read 🙂