The Belmonster Book Launch


Belmonster’s Book Launch

This evening the Ruth Falkner library held ‘The Adventures of the Belmonster’s’ book launch and feast.  The launch was set up out front of the library, with donut cushions for the children to sit on and chairs for the adults.


Pre-launch setting up

About 150 people were expected to attend, and I think it came close. The library had banners and displays up with all our monsters showcased. There were also pictures showing the collaborating writers at work.


Apologies for the quality, these are photos taken during our 11-weeks of meetings


My monster on the fence!

Speeches were made thanking the wonderful library staff for all their efforts in this project. Then the writers were all called on stage with the Deputy Mayor of Belmont handing out a gift bag.

Here is a lovely video of my bum as I go to collect my gift pack from the deputy mayor!


Official Participants Photoshoot

The gift bag contained a copy of our book, a thank you letter from the mayor and a framed print of our particular monster.

Next the children had the story read to them, by Belmonster’s! (Library staff) and much singing and dancing was done. I was so pleased with how the children responded to the book. Their eyes were glued to it and they were shouting out suggestions about where the monsters might be heading in Belmont and being actively involved in the story.

The whole event went splendidly. A wonderful buffet of monster cookies/ cupcakes, sandwiches, and hot foods was provided. Children were given monster party hats to wear, adult children included!


Mona, Tam and I

My daughter, Mona, came with me, as did Tam and Matt Banner, another local rap artist/ poet who frequents the Perth Poetry Club (PPC). We caught up with fellow PPC poet, Caroline Sambridge, who was attending with Australian bush poet, Brian Langley, ‘The City Poet’. I hadn’t met Brian before but had a very good discussion with him about bush poetry and sonnets.


A photo of me, courtesy of Matt Banner

After a lot of autograph signing and chatting with fellow co-writers the event ended. A few people came back to my house for coffee and reflection. The whole experience of writing and doing art for a children’s book was very good. Everyone I spoke to hoped that the library would do it again next year. But for now, books will be distributed to all the local schools and a lot of Belmonster events are being planned around Belmont. So if you’re passing through, keep your eyes open… there may be a Belmonster or two wandering around.


Back inner cover page of our book, with the writers as Monsters!

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of The Adventures of the Belmonsters at $5 each can contact the Ruth Falkner Library in Belmont on (08) 9477 7150

Belmont Poets

It was wonderful catching up with the following local poets today:

Brian Langley’s Australian Bush Poetry Web page can be found here.


‘The City Poet’ Brian Langley, image from his web page.

Matthew Banner’s (XNTRICITY) Rap / Hip hop Youtube Videos can be found below

Banner has some catchy rhymes 🙂

Caroline Sambridge 

I don’t have any links for Caroline but her poetry books are available at the Ruth Falkner library. Her poems are funny. It was her poem that has been turned into the Belmonster’s song.

Thanks for reading,

Wendy Beach



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