So Much on My Mind

The Westerly

A quick update on what has been happening here. Firstly, The Westerly did pay me for the poem that was published in September’s online magazine, The Westerly: New Creative. They also printed and bound copies of the issue for all who had been published and handed them out at the launch. I give them 100% satisfaction kudos. Everything ran smoothly and the staff were friendly. In fact, they seemed just as excited about the whole experience as we, the published, were!

Quick Update: I just received a copy of the 61.2 Westerly, which means that I also received the yearly subscription to the Westerly, which I was told I would in the initial email accepting my poem. Thank you, Westerly!

Smashwords Publications

I am using my university break to edit all my poems and stories and place them for sale on Smashwords. They are not very expensive (the price of half a cup of coffee at a cafe) and are available in many downloadable formats. If you are interested, please purchase ~ it will make my little heart flutter 😉

And thank you to those who have already purchased!

Other Publications

I have just heard that the WA Shakespeare Club will be making an Anthology of all the poems sent in for the Shakespeare 400 event last month. Looks like ‘Sonnet of a Native Girl, 1974’ will be published in that. I’m very pleased my poem  seems to have finally found its home.

Poetry Students

I have picked up my very first poetry student! Woo hoo! How exciting 🙂 It isn’t a hard task though, as he is already talented in the style of poetry he does, but he would like to learn other styles too. Nope, I am not getting paid dollars for this, and that’s fine. Instead, he is making me a sculpture for my home – awesome!!!! I love how creative people can be multi-talented in the arts 🙂

Poetry is inspiring. My friend, Tam, has started writing poems! She usually paints and does pottery etc… I am enjoying reading her poems and giving her some tips about editing. Of course, editing is up to the poet – some don’t and it comes out great. I’ve been taught to edit everything, therefore over-editing can be an issue. At the end of the day, poetry is subjective, clipped or rambling, it is how it makes the listener feel that matters.


I didn’t mention the wonderful prizes I received at the Talus Prize. First, I was given Tracy Ryan’s poetry book called ‘the argument’. It won the Western Australian Premier’s Book Award and was shortlisted in the NSW Premier’s Literary Award. It is an excellent modern poetry book that I am thoroughly enjoying reading. Also, I was given a UWA bookshop gift card. I bought Susan Midalia’s short story collection called ‘Feet to the Stars’. I must admit, I am becoming a Midalia fan. I own all of her published anthologies.  I keep running into her at events as well. Honestly, I should get her to sign them 🙂

What I am Reading

Marcella Polain’s Edge of the World. I am not a bibliophile. I have one large bookshelf and whenever I bring new books in, I remove others and hand them on. This book, however, is one that I will be keeping. It sits beside Tim Winton’s ‘Breath’ and Brave New World. I love the lyrical language Marcella uses and the innovative writing style that she has.

Creatrix Submissions

The time to submit for the December issue is over. 90% were accepted for submission. The remaining 10% were either already published (including in Creatrix) or did not meet the Submission requirements which Creatrix follows strictly. Of the 90% sent off to the selectors, 65% were chosen to be placed into the next selection round. The quality of poems entered was excellent. The December issue should be a wonderful read. I will definitely alert everyone when it is published.

Perth Publishing Expo

I am not affiliated with this but may be attending.

Gosnells Writers Circle Writers and Self-Publishing Expo on the 26th of November 2016.

Thanks for reading,

Wendy Beach


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