Talus Prize 2016 – Sea Widow’s Sonnet

I am proud to announce that my poem, Sea Widow’s Sonnet, has come second (Highly Commended) in the ECU Talus Literary Prize in the poetry section. The judge was Jackson, from the Uneven Floor. She cried when speaking about this poem. I am paraphrasing now: Jackson did say she was surprised that she had selected a metered poem/ sonnet with an older style of English for second place. However, she thought about it and decided that if she had come across this poem in classical poetry book she would have loved it. The other poems that did well were various, she thought one would do well in a slam poetry competition, and there was a lot of free verse poetry, which also did well. My past lecturer, Marcella Polain also had tears in her eyes when Jackson was talking about my poem, which was sweet, and apologised, saying, ‘It’s just, I know who wrote this sonnet.’ How more honoured could I get? Well, to be honest, it has been a pleasure entering the Talus prize for the last few years. I have been commended, won and been highly commended. I’ve been told I write like Hemmingway (for The Visitor) and I have managed to reach into people’s hearts with my prose and poetry. So it is with some sadness I must say, this is my final year of eligibility, but to go out on a teary note like this, by making two, award winning, free-verse poets cry over a sonnet, was definitely the highlight of it all. Thank you, as well, to Fremantle Press, Boffins Bookshop and UWA Publishing for sponsoring this Prize. It means a great deal to the emerging writers and poets who, without your support, could not have such a wonderful event. I will be submitting Sea Widow’s Sonnet to an eZine for publication. Thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “Talus Prize 2016 – Sea Widow’s Sonnet

  1. Terrific – well done Wendy but can I ask what’s new? Next year we can’t enter I don’t think not being undergraduates (I hope!)

    Love Glad

    PS there seemed to be quite a bit of interest in the Belmont book launch but I will have to remind them later

    • Hi Glad, Thank you 🙂 You are quite correct, post grad students cannot enter the Talus. It is good to hear that you are finishing up your degree as well! I have two units left, next semester, so it will be a mid-year graduation. When is yours? I will be great to see you at the book launch!!! It’s a wonderful community project, which I hope they will continue to run.

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