Good Things Come in Short Packages-The Australian Short Story Festival


Today I went to the Centre for Stories (above) at 100 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge as part of the Australian Short Story Festival. This was hosted over three days, and I made the last day’s events. I admit I was quite exhausted, I didn’t get back from my brother’s wedding until 2am.  Not much sleep, but not to worry—I wasn’t going to fall asleep during this awesome line-up of guests.


Laurie Steed, Nadine Brown, and Jo Ricconi as featured guests at the Gendering Short Stories Workshop, hosted by Sisonke Msimang

I couldn’t believe how many people I knew professionally at this event. One of my past writing lecturers, Ffion Murphy was there, along with another past tutor, Jo Taylor. Professors and Novelists Laurie Steed and Kim Scott were also there as presenters. In the crowd, there were several other familiar faces, like Elizabeth li, a wonderfully spoken Chinese-Australian writer, and well-known Western Australian writer, Susan Midalia. Also attending was recently shortlisted T.A.G. Hungerford finalist Tineke Van der Eecken.  I made a few more writing contacts as well. And I met the very lovely, Marilyn Rainier.


Author Marilyn Rainier

(You can purchase her novel ‘Subject to Change’ here)

While I was there, I attended was The Westerly’s New Creative launch. This free event filled up very quickly. People were spilling out the courtyard and down the hallways around the corner just to listen to the presenters!  Publishing acknowledgments were made, pieces were read from the magazine, and photos were taken. It was an enjoyable magazine launch with much chatter and clapping from the audience.

Wendy Beach and other Westerly: New Creative guests.

I attended a couple of events after that and also the closing address. At the closing, Kim Scott told a humorous Noongar (indigenous) story that I believe everyone enjoyed. Basically, a woman tricks her man into climbing a high tree, then removes the log and leaves him there to starve to death, so she can run off with his nephew… I went home and re-told it to my children, who were similarly amused by all the twists in the story as he is rescued by a friend, and they track her down to get her back. But when he does find her, he realises he doesn’t want her anymore… and he and his ‘friend’ wander back to the bush again, holding hands  😉


Kim Scott giving the Closing Ceremony Speech at the Australian Short Stories Festival

It was a long day, but very well organised. I had a wonderful time and look forward to attending future workshops at the Centre for Stories in the future.



One thought on “Good Things Come in Short Packages-The Australian Short Story Festival

  1. Aloha Wendy,

    Great post! Great Headline – and I like the format.

    I wish there was such an event on Kauai. We do have an annual Writer’s Conference … but really it is just entrepreneurs taking advantage of writer’s dreams to sell their products. I’ve described this in a post at

    Wendy, please keep writing and posting girl, I like it.

    A Hui Hou (until next time),

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