SPECIAL EVENT : The Belmonster Book Feast ( Our Official Book Launch )


Thu 24 November 2016

5:30 PM – 6:30 PM AWST (Perth Time)

Book launch for the Adventures of the Belmonsters is on in November. I am very proud to have been a part of the talented local collaborative of Bemontites who came together every week over three months to plan, plot, write, and draw the characters for this book. We had a wonderful time pulling this together and enjoyed the many writing and design lectures by Cam and Bailey who wrapped the whole thing up in the end, working their magic to turn this into a wonderful children’s book.


(That’s my monster–the orange one on the right!)

If you would like to come to this free event (children are welcome) click here -> Eventrite Free Booking or call the library, which is right near the Belmont Forum bus station.

From the City of Belmont Webite: “Join us in celebrating the launch of the City [of Belmont’s] very first children’s book! Developed by a group of local residents, with help from talented children’s author Bailey Bosch and children’s illustrator Cameron Aiktenhead, the book tells the story of a young boy named Rory and his great adventure throughout the City of Belmont with his new Belmonster friends.  The official launch will be combined with a story time session and a Belmonster feast for the kids! It will be Belmonster fun for all.

For carers and children aged 3 to 7 years. The official launch will be combined with a story time session and a Belmonster feast for the kids! It will be Belmontster fun for all.

We will endeavour to provide nut free food. Please advise of any additional dietary requirements. Telephone Ruth Faulkner Public Library on 9477 7150 and ask for assistance if you do not have an email address. This is event is part of the City’s ‘Let’s Celebrate Belmont’ festival which runs throughout November.”

And yes, the City of Belmont did make a typo below! And yes, I have let them know, because no one can proof-read their own work well, but after my editing unit at uni, other people’s mistakes glare into my eyes like sunlight off asphalt on a hot day in Summer!







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