Wendy Beach Published in the Westerly


On Being Published in the Westerly

Well, it took almost a year from the time I sent this ‘tertiary’ poem into the Westerly until it was published. So I am very pleased to see Lessons in Enjambment in print. If you would like a free copy of this New Creative issue, filled with short stories and poems from some of Western Australias best up and coming writers and poets, please follow the link below. Meanwhile, I am scratching ‘Get published in The Westerly’ off my bucket list. Thanks to Rashida Murphy and others at the Westerly for their long term commitment to this project.

What is Enjambment?

It wasn’t until my third year at university until discover it myself, and put in easy terms– enjambment is a way of ‘butchering’ a poem to make it post-modernist. I hope you enjoy the metaphorical aspect of my poem, even if enjambment isn’t your thing. If it is your thing– I hope you notice I stuffed 7 (or was it 8?) different forms of enjambment into that tiny poem, good luck finding them all. Send me a message if you do, because you are probably a trained poet, and I might enjoy reading your poems! And nope, I’m not going to tell you what all the forms were!

Free Download

For a Free Download of the latest Westerly: New Creative Edition, Sept 2016 issue, with my poem, and lots of other literary stories and poems, please go to:

Westerly: New Creative


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