Winter Newsletter


What have I been doing?

The Novel

The past 6 months have gone very quickly. I have written a novel, which is currently with my literary agent. What a huge task it was!  I honestly thought it would take 3 months to complete, but it took double that amount of time.  The process has been wonderful though.  Changing my writing style from short, sharp stories into a longer piece was difficult at first. I’m not used to having to draw things out.  But at the end of the day I have really found it a wonderful experience. The biggest obstacle for me was the narrative arcs.  There were so many, and all needed to be tied up by the end of the piece.  I drew up a large grid pattern timeline and that helped immensely.  I did manage to keep the characters true to their personalities and roles, so I am pleased about that, and am thankful that I have studied psychology as it is helpful in characterizations.

Writing Groups The Ruth Falkner Library in Belmont continues to have the monthly writer’s group. Unfortunately they get together in the afternoon, which is when I am working. Which just goes to show that sometimes you can throw your dreams out there and see them eventuate, only to find out they were really for others all along. I’m pleased that locals have been attending and it is a popular circle.

Making Movies I am feeling called to write a Film. This is my next project, though I may write it as a novel/ novelette first and then write the script. I am in the plotting process at the moment. I have meet some members of a production unit and am looking forward to surprising them with a script later in the year, to see if they are interested in making a movie.

Short Stories, Competitions and Magazines I have my university exams at the moment, so my writing has been on the backburner while I deal with *insert groan* statistics! Missing writing my shorts for smashwords, but will have a month off from uni soon and plan to write my little heart out 🙂 Thanks for following. What have you been up to?