Wendy’s Late Spring Post


Late Spring Newsletter

It is spring in Perth, or at least it would be if the weather could make up its mind. At the moment we have high humidity and temperatures, followed by crashing thunderstorms. My poor spring bulbs don’t know whether to grow or die back!

Fortunately, writing is something that can be done in any weather 🙂

What’s Been Happening ~ 2014 Talus Prize

I am grateful to have won the ECU Talus Prize 2014 with the short literary story, The Visitor. It is available for free download at my Smashwords site.


The piece is about a woman coping with her mother’s downward spiral into dementia. I hope you enjoy it. On Thursday I will be attending a group photo shoot to go along with the story published in the SCA magazine. All very exciting! The Russian translation may also be available soon through my Smashwords site.

What I’ve been Reading ~ Postcard Shorts

I have come across a great little site to publish very short stories in online. Postcard shorts are for stories that are short enough to fit on the back of a postcard. Quite a neat idea for home use too 🙂 Perhaps I will send out short stories in my Christmas cards this year. If you need a quick fiction fix, it’s a good place to have a read


What I’ve Been Doing ~ With the Ruth Falkner Library

We have eleven interested writers who have signed up to join the new writers group at the Ruth Faulkner library In Belmont. Interested parties should contact the library directly on 94777150. The writing group begins after Christmas, a name needs to be chosen and constitution written. If you have been looking for a writing group to attend in Perth, and you live near Belmont, this may be the place for you. At the moment we are looking at a monthly get together, with tea and coffee provided.

What I’ve Been Writing

Perhaps the most difficult part about novel writing is the time it takes to complete one! At the moment I am enjoying taking a break and working on shorter pieces. This is a satisfying way of doing things, allowing me to complete shorter pieces while still working on my novel which is now at chapter 9.

Thanks for reading.

Wendy Beach


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