Writing Prompt: Two Line Horror


After posting about 100 Word Horrors, the editor at @just_100_words (twitter) wrote me and asked, “Can you activate fear or create a true sense of horror in 100 words?”

I thought that was an interesting question. So I thought I would ask my readers. Indeed, I do think writers can succeed in this quest. What do you think? How quickly can you give someone the heebie jeebies?

Therefore today my writing prompt for you (thanks to @just_100_words) is to write the scariest 2 line horror your twisted mind can imagine.

Some examples can also be found on Goodreads Games.


Wendy’s Winter Post


Welcome to my wordpress site. A few people have been asking what I’m doing with my writing at present so here’s an update.

What have I been writing:

I am currently working on my first novel called The Turning of the Key (may eventually be called something else). It’s a contemporary noir romantic thriller set in Kashmir, Paris, Prague and Maryland USA. I can’t say too much about it right now. I am up to chapter 5 in my writing.

What I’ve Been Reading:

The Trees Beyond the Grass by Robert Reeves. A psychological thriller about a lawyer coming to terms with his traumatic childhood, as the FBI closes in on his new life. There is also a slow burning MM romance. A very interesting read.

What’s Been Published:

My short story ‘Pelican Smile’ was picked up by a Russian Literary Agent and has since been published online in Russian. You can download the English Version for free (Here).

What have I Been Doing:

I have been talking to my local library about setting up a community writing group. This has been approved 🙂 I look forward to meeting the many interested writers in the area.

Writing Events:

Last night I headed to the Australian Writer’s Centre at the Wembely hotel to meet author Dr. Dawn Barker. I now have a copy of her book ‘Let her go’ which I intend on reading very soon. Writing Groups are a great way to network!

Writing Competitions:

This week I entered a 3000 word literary story into the Tod Hunter Literary Awards. There are a couple of other competitions I am looking at entering. I am sending off what I consider the last of my literary style work for the time being. Currently I am focusing on Speculative Fiction (horror, fantasy, sci-fi). Though I still enjoy both mediums.

Friends Who Have Published:

Take a look at a friends new blog. Author J Ze Morrell (Children’s Fiction) has given a lot of information about authors working with illustrators, contracts etc. Definitely worth a read.

Until next time, thanks for reading,

Wendy B.