Writing Prompt: One Hundred Words (excactly) of Horror/ Dark Fantasy

Today’s writing prompt: Write exactly 100 words of Horror/ Dark Fantasy, with a twist in the tail. No title required.


My example:


He watched her eating a meal from the other side of the open window. Females never noticed him. Still, it seemed safer to lurk, unseen in the darkness, and view them safely from beyond their reach. She wrapped the leftovers, retiring for the night. Almost immediately his thoughts were on sneaking in. Long-legged beauties, like her, could not be left undisturbed. He wondered; would she reject him, like the others? He crept through the window, and found her laying in wait, amused and eager to give him the silky interlude he so desired. Once completed, she bit his head off.

c. Wendy Beach 2014


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