– Withholding Tax USA: Author Brian Lawrenson shares his guide


If you are an author who is interested in self-publishing Amazon seems like a logical avenue to explore. Let’s face it, it’s got the ‘name’ and perhaps it seems like a measure of success to have your content available for all the world to read. Because Australia is behind the US in ebook sales they have many ‘names’ that an author will consider when self-publishing including Lulu or Smashwords. But there is one issue that I don’t hear discussed a lot when considering dealing with US companies, and it’s a fairly BIG issue. A ‘30% of your sales income‘ kind of issue. For authors outside the US you need to understand how to overcome the hurdle of withholding tax. While in theory you’d think this is simple in practice  it can be quite tricky and involved. If you don’t do it exactly right then you’re back to square…

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