Imagine … If Death came to take you and you had one hour to choose the one memory you would live in forever, with no other memories….

Writing Prompt: Imagine if death came to take you, and you only had one memory to live in forever. You have 1 hour to choose.

There You'll Be

…the pedal of my push-bike underfoot, racing with my friends toward the outer-edge of hill-top suburbia, into the back-forests of Kalamunda. 


…the crunch and slip of red pebbles under the tyres, the menthol air, the perfect cool-shade over thin tracks.


… to ride the half-wild ponies from abandoned lots, cantering them bareback over lush grasses, their unshod hooves kicking up the peaty-scented clay.


… singing Dolly Parton’s ‘Here you come again’ into the wind, interspersed with conversations about the books we were reading, The Adventurous Four or Fantastic Five.


… We left when we became hungry, arriving at Helen’s home famished. Her mother always had homemade cookies on hand. Out to the garden, past her pottery wheel and assortment of clay projects, and into the veggie patch with nets to capture white winged moths in jars.


… I always paused at the bath-tub fishpond, searching…

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